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Event Description

The collective sum of rare diseases has a massive world-wide impact on child health and family well-being. We have demonstrated that many rare diseases have a basis in our DNA. Hence, discovering and studying these novel genes improves not only our understanding of disease but also our understanding of our own biology.

Furthermore, gene discovery and advances in biology through the study of rare diseases has the potential to lead to new scientific discoveries and novel therapies for patients with broader implications beyond the individual rare diseases.

We will outline examples of how rare disease gene discovery has transformed our basic understanding of biology and can lead to innovative approaches to improve care for patients.


The language of the event will be English.

Registration and Payment

Purchase in advance: RMB 20 for students; RMB 60 for Yale alumni; RMB 80 for others.

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RMB 80
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RMB 20
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RMB 60
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