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In the upcoming century, world growth will rest on our ability to overcome several critical challenges including climate change, the necessity of feeding 9 billion people by 2050, and the provision of basic health care to the poorer strata of societies. New technologies could offer us great solutions to these problems. Many startups are already focusing on high tech solutions to tackling pollution, sustainable agriculture and the provision of health services. However, these businesses are not taking off as fast as needed and often fail in the face of competition of larger companies. This panel aims to explore new business models, strategies, and policy directions to support sustainable enterprises.

The panel will discuss:
  1. How can Big Data be designed to support Inclusive Growth? What are the key design considerations from a private versus public sector angle?
  2. How can advances in Artificial Intelligence be leveraged at this critical stage of Inclusive Growth?
  3. What types of policies could better foster sustainable growth? Should policies aim to promote specific sectors (e.g. agriculture or renewable energy) or maintain broader support for sustainability-centered innovation? How should policy evaluations be measured?
  4. What types of sustainability-oriented startups are attractive to financiers? What types of business models do investors look for? How can traditional financiers be encouraged to invest in more sustainable enterprises?


The language of the event will be Chinese and English, with simultaneous translation into either language (support for simultaneous translation generously provided by Cadence).

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Ticket: RMB 80

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